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Originally Posted by Nemo8710 View Post
I def didnt knwo wthat Verizon reclycled batteries , That is very good to know. Liek teh other guy said, They get plenty of money from so the least teh coudl do it recycle my battery

You must be on that Verizon phone with this post!

Anyway, with the economy the way it is, it definately helps to continue to do the little things! It seems that everyone still needs a cell phone and with the new phones having built in batteries, it helps to save your money and not have to buy a new battery every year like the old phones. I'm sure it has got to be helping in all aspects. Imagine less batteries to have to buy, in turn less packaging and less of those stupid little cell phone accessory kiosks trying to sell you useless plastic junk that's going to end up getting thrown out anyway.

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