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Speaking of reduce, re-use, recycle... You know what gets me ??

At home depot, they recycle the pigtail fluorescents, actually probably most kinds. "here, put in it that box there...Oh, and it needs to be in a PLASTIC bag."

Huh ? Its almost like an insult that you are recycling a light bulb, and they want you to waste a plastic bag to do it. Last time, I reached in and grabbed the nearest bag, and added my bulbs to it.

I shun plastic at every turn. I buy drinks in 2 liter bottles, but every one of them gets recycled after it gets processed by my dog. She chews the caps off after I crank them on as tight as possible. When at Walmart buying my soda, I tell them to use as few bags as possible, and none for the bottles. They go from cart to car and from car to work (in a card board box.) Much less to throw away. SOmetimes I feel like a guy who doesn't believe in the technical innovation called the bag. heh heh.

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