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Great thread, a lot of very interesting information. One thing I notice a trend in is the emotional part of us destroying this planet. People get sad and feel sorry for ourselves like it's too late, we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves! If we took the effort we put into feeling sad and helpless into actively solving problems the reversing effects on this problem would be 100x stronger! I think we should start with our hobby, CB livestock is a great start, Gulf Coast Ecosystems has done a great job supplying macroalgae, even though they collect from the wild. But since it is on a relatively small scale it's not a large issue. Just today I found out that Paul Watson is also after the marine aquarium trade, and much of the information that is posted on there website is false. Such as:

In captivity, some yellow tangs may survive a year or more, but the vast majority will likely be killed off within the first month or two of capture from shipping and other stressors, starvation and hobbyist mistakes.

In hobby tanks, most wildlife will die within weeks or months from stress related disease; from cramped or failed environments; from improper food; and, generally because the vast majority of those attempting to keep them are too inexperienced.
This last quote especially irritates me, as that is nowhere near true. If they actually looked at what many members of this hobby are doing, they would realize that we are very likely the ones who are going to save reefs. We keep exotic fish from across the globe, and the rate of new species being bred is rapidly increasing. Once someone does it on a large scale, we can easily propagate almost any species and "restock a reef", so to speak.


I don't know about any of you, but I use every plastic container I find for something. I use water and soda bottles for brine shrimp hatching, cleaned out milk jugs to store de-chlorinated RO/DI water, and I've even used plastic water bottles filled with water as eco friendly light bulbs. I also use re-usable bags at stores, rather than ask for "paper or plastic". I've built several rafts out of water bottles (that worked somewhat well I might add!) and on top of that all, I use organic gardening supplies, natural pesticides, I eat organically, and I am close to feeding my fish and coral organically as well.

On another note, San Francisco is close to banning plastic water bottles!

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