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Here are some pics as we built out the new fish room which is 15x7.5

The new room has the following build;
R-13 insulation
floor drain
plenty of dedicated circuitry
1/2 plywood backing behind all the drywall
moisture resistant drywall on all the walls and ceilings
exhaust fan to remove the humidity
plenty of lighting
mini split AC system
fiberglass door
FRP paneling (future pics)
19x19 mop sink (future pics)

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675 gallon Display, 1,100+ total system volume, 6 x Vortec MP60s, 2 x Vortec MP40s, 15 x Radion Pros, APEX, XP 8000 ext Octopus skimmer, Bubble Magus Dosing 4 part, 2 x Monster sized custom reactors,

Current Tank Info: 675 gallon tank, 220 gallon vat, 200 gallon sump, 60 gallon refugium
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