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I finally made some progress on the tank, equipment room, plumbing, cabinetry, etc.
Its been 6/7 months since we moved to the new house [emoji536].

Here are the lights on rails 24 above the tank, LEDs should be strong enough to penetrate to the bottom!

Here are the new cabinet doors instead of the hanging canopy, I wanted to have something with less light bleed. Also all the doors can come down for servicing!

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675 gallon Display, 1,100+ total system volume, 6 x Vortec MP60s, 2 x Vortec MP40s, 15 x Radion Pros, APEX, XP 8000 ext Octopus skimmer, Bubble Magus Dosing 4 part, 2 x Monster sized custom reactors,

Current Tank Info: 675 gallon tank, 220 gallon vat, 200 gallon sump, 60 gallon refugium
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