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2 Float switches in series and Apex

I spent 2 hrs trying to get this figured out. Hooking up 2 float switches in series to turn off an Apex outlet if any of the switches are UP (open). Using the other as a backup in case the 1st float fails.

With it normal (both switches down-closed), if I pull any floats up, it turns off the outlet. So it's working correctly.

The problem is at normal state, I want it to be Open (both switches down), that way my Apex menu screen is not orange color.

So I reversed both float valves. This shows the screen as open BUT the valves will not turn off the outlet until BOTH floats are UP.
I tried very combination-wires, floats, programming, and can't get it to work showing normal state as OPEN and when EITHER UP (closed) on EITHER float to turn off the outlet.

Any idea to what I am doing wrong?

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