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New Mobius Enabled MP40s

Hello, I just received 2 new MP40s with Mobius enabled technology. Which, I have no idea what that means, because nothing works.

My old 7 year old MP 40 connects to my WXM on my apex with no issues, but, the new MP40s won't connect to my WXM? Can they be connected to my Apex Classic through the use of the WXM? If so, how?

If not, I'm fine with setting a schedule through the website or the mobile app.. But, how do I get them detected in the mobile app. My phone just sits their after I enter my Aquarium name with a spinning circle. The instructions say absolutely nothing about how to get the MP40s detected in the Mobius app, it just says once detected, you'll see this screen. . . Which never happens for me. I've tried with Blue tooth on my phone turned off, with it turned on, with my phone on the wireless network, with it off the network. Nothing happens.

I know sometimes devices create their own network. I'll see if they show up as a wireless network on my phone. If not, how do I add them to the app, or the website, or to my WXM Controller?

Instructions are severely lacking for this!

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