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Awesome! Thanks for the information. I realized yesterday I was trying to use the ecotech app not the mobius app... (DOH!) They were instantly recognized in the mobius app. They're working now!

One question, I set up multiple modes throughout the day in the mobius app, and set different maximums for nighttime vs. daytime. Worked pretty slick once I figured it out.

One question though, so I have different maximums set, and then I used the "child" mode for the second MP40 and drew that across the entire time period of the day. Does that also copy the maximum speeds? I set the maximum for the entire child to 90%. And noticed that even though the primary was set to 32% for that time of day, the child seemed to indicate it was running at it's max of 90%.

Will the max speed just be the max it can go to, but it'll use the max speed set by the master? Or will it use it's own max speed in the child? I set it to anti-sync, so they run in opposite modes for best nutrient export.

My skimmer is loving it for some reason. Skimming darker content out of the water. And my Algae turf scrubber is growing faster than it was before, so having more flow seems to be equalling more nutrient export. Let me know if I have the understanding of the master /slave correct, it should be copying the max speed set by the master or no?

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