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Originally Posted by travis32 View Post
One question though, so I have different maximums set, and then I used the "child" mode for the second MP40 and drew that across the entire time period of the day. Does that also copy the maximum speeds? I set the maximum for the entire child to 90%. And noticed that even though the primary was set to 32% for that time of day, the child seemed to indicate it was running at it's max of 90%.
They went away from the "master and slave" relationship and now call it "parent and child".

The 90% that the child is set to means that it will calculate 90% of what the parent is doing. Example: if the parent is running 100% the child is running at 90%, if the parent is at 50% the child will be at 45%.

If you want them to run exactly the same, set the child to 100%.

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