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hmm okay, the shrimp was really not needed, as the Live rock (maybe I should say Ex live rock) had alot of die offs, so full of ammonia, and now its just leacking it out ! may take up to 6 months for it to clear !

take the shrimp out for sure. now about the rocks. they will be leaching out nh4 and po4 and no3 for at least the next 6 months, almost like uncured live rock.

so u can wait it out, ot u can pull the rocks out, cook them and leave in RO/DI water till the stop leacking out stuff, and then cycle the tank again with those rocks and the Live sand u got in there already.

of course, before taking action, wait for others to reply I can always be wrong (hopefully I am cause I know how much waiting for 6 months sucks :P )

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