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Originally Posted by john_blaze View Post
The shrimp dissolved a long time ago so I cant take it question though: if the rocks are leaking ammonia wouldn't that steady supply help to grow more bacteria?

Also about cooking the rocks...I think I read to put them in the oven at like 400 for a few hours...? is that right? and then I keep testing the RO/DI water until there is no more detectable ammonia?

thanks for the help

yes, the rocks will keep providing a source of ammonia, bacteria keep reppoducing, end product of no3 (nitrate ) keeps producing and ... it willbe one HUGE Cycle, which will take about 6 months, at which point ure left wiht ALOT of end products and ... water changes need to be done during this time to not let the ammonia and by products kill the bacteria, remember ammonia is toxic, for me, its too much work on a tank with nothing in it lol I'm lazy personly lol

I'm no expert in cooking rocks, but I always boil them in RO/DI water ! I rinsed it outside, scrape off anything on it, boil it for a coupe hours, then rinse again, and leave in RO/DI water. and the rest you got it you basically test for ammonia and phosphate until they stop leaking out.

I assume the rocks have a bad ocean smell into them right now as well.

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