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Originally Posted by SuperNemo View Post
I'm also cycling my tank, but i have dry everything. i put a shrimp in, but amonia for me is stuck at .5, i know its only been one week, but doesn't seem to be moving up or down.

Do i have to watch out for the level of amonia? Is it okay if the ammonia were to reach above 2 or maybe 4 if it happens?


if ammonia gets Way too high, since its toxic, it can kill the bacteria that consume it.

so you have dry aragonite sand, and dry rocks, and now seeding them ? if so its normal for nh4 not to change much after a week. but do notice that the shrimp is adding ammonia to tank all the time, so if the ammonia is not increasing, the production of ammonia and consumption are at balance, so u need to wait more so the bacteria will outweight the nh4 and ... .

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