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Originally Posted by alprazo View Post
More in the line of a reverse under gravel. The idea is to aerate the bed and help put debris into the water column. I lifted the design from Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto.
Sounds like an interesting concept!

Originally Posted by Taahirs View Post
Right guys. So I've got an empty tank. Just under 400g excl sump, about 450 incl.

Having done the whole sps thing it's time to go predator. Got a tunze 9430 skimmer rated for 800g. Think this should be good.

Looking at getting one type of shark. Epaulette, coral cat shark or Hasselts bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium hasseltii)

So the plan is to keep the shark with :

Blue spotted ray
Miniatus Grouper
Orange spotted Rabbitfish
Trio of convict tangs
Unicorn tang
Harlequin tusk
Oriental sweetlips

Could someone also advise the compatibility of blue throat triggers, Volitans lionfish, Quoyi Parrot fish and Snowflake eels. Oh, and an emperor angel.

Maybe I could substitute some of those in.


Sorry for the delay but I replied to your PM.

Stay away from Hasselts bamboos... I don't think I have ever heard of them being kept successfully, EVER. I've tried my hand with them and even when they are eating for you, which is a very difficult measure, they are still liable to croak for no apparent reason. Most of the Hasselt's or Indo Bamboos I have seen have been under 6 inches in length and extremely skinny. If I were to see an adult or sub-adult for sale I might try again, but only if the chain of collection to store was clear, it ate in front of me on seperate occasions and was willing to be held at the store, even if a small deposit was necessary.

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