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Cool vikinglord's 29 Gallon Biocube

Hey all,

I'll plan to post updates on my 29G biocube here. I'll be posting a video to Youtube tomorrow so hopefully I can link it before I go to bed before tomorrow night.

Anyways, my current system is a Sixline Wrasse, Azure Damsel, and a Black Blenny. I'm glad they all get along.

As far as corals: various zoanthids, blue sympodium which is my favorite, some shrooms, and a gorgonian.

Inverts: some astrea snails, maybe one trochus snail, a nassarius snail, about 4/5 zebra hermits, 1 dwarf blue-leg hermit, and a hitchhiker crab that I think belongs in the Xanthid group.

Lighting: I just gutted the default stuff and have upgraded to a current LED strip. I like it so far, I'll be making a review video for youtube in a couple weeks.

Filtration: primarily biological with a "cryptic" zone in the first chamber, and a refugium/scrubber in the second chamber. I siphon the sand when I do my monthly water changes and have a filter pad only then.


Current Tank Info: ~30 lbs of LR w/ 15 lbs of substrate. An azure damsel, six-lined wrasse, and black blenny. Zoanthids and shrooms.
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