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hey that guy looks awsome, i got one as a hitchhiker too, cept it took me the loss of 2 juv clowns, small mimic tang, leopard wrasse, dragon leapoard wrasse and a scoter blenny before i turned my bedside lamp on one night and saw this star shaped thing disapeer behind my rock, never ever saw it during the day, my GF refused to sleep at my place once i found it as i had no lid on my tank. never got him out, but found the body when my tank crashed in the rediculous 47 degree sumers day that cost me my entire setup ( air con broke, no ice or fans could cool my tank cos my rooms in the atic)

all my fish were smaller then the ones i can see in your photos and if he's used to your feedings should be ok by now. oh yeh when i told my mate at the LFS what i had found in my tank he laughed so hard to himself cos he said yeh we wondered where that thing disapeered to.... Gee thanks! how bout some store credit then!

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