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BK Skimmer for Red Sea 900 3XL

I'm considering a Bubble King skimmer for my heavily stocked Red Sea 900 3XL (192 gallon display, 240 gallons total). What would you recommend?

I will be running a ClariSea SK-5000 fleece filter roller. However, due to the 1320 gph maximum flowrate of the ClariSea SK-5000, I may need to bypass a portion of the flow, or slow the return pump down. I also need the skimmer to fit in the 15.5in x 11in skimmer compartment.

I was thinking maybe the Deluxe 200 or the new SuperMarin 160. Also, it appears that refreshed models are beginning to roll out. Is the Deluxe 200 scheduled for a refresh? I noticed it is mostly out of stock. I would hate to drop that kind of money on a skimmer only to get the older model.

Any idea when the new SuperMarin 160 will be released in the US? And how well it performs?

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