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A Golden Reef Tank (v2)

I'm starting this thread over due to all of the photos being dumped from the previous online source. So, this is the mother of all photo dumps.

You can see the previous thread here:

The back story:

We bought the house with an unfinished basement. I brought out contractors to frame the walls, electrical, plumbing and drywall. This basically picks up from there.

I spent almost a year completing all of the woodwork. I'm proud to say my wife and I did all of the trim work, cabinetry, and stone (with the exception of the counters).

The tank and stand were ordered through Cris at Aquatic Arts in Denver. Big thumbs up to the local club and hobbyists who helped move this in and gave advice along the way!

For the last nine months, I've been working on the acrylic tanks, plumbing, and other infrastructure to make this a reality. The room itself has been a lot of work!

The pictures are mostly listed chronologically. Sorry if there are any double posts of pictures.

The tank dimensions are 4' x 4' x 3' deep. That roughly equates to the Golden ratio. If you're into math, do a search. It's a really cool and interesting topic, if you're into math.

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