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Originally Posted by ali1 View Post
So i now have a scrubber thats 20x14... pretty wide and i grow algae like crazy. I have the below lights on each side of my scrubber and the edges of the scrubber isnt growing. If i move the lights further away, will that help spread? Or do i need to buy more lights to cover the sides. Im already 100watts per side.
If your present growth is controlling NO3 & PO4 levels I wouldn't worry about no growth on the edges.
With that type of light fixture you'll never get complete & even growth on the screen, without wasting light, unless the screen is cut to the shape of the beam angles of the light fixture.
Moving the lights further away from the screen will increase in area of coverage, but the intensity will reduce, of course. You shouldn't need to move it too much though to increase the spread so its worth trying before adding another light.

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