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Aside from being unsightly and the fact that it probably killled a lot of stuff already. What are the actual environmental impact of THIS particular case?

I'm guessing that battery acid is sulfuric acid? It probably didn't have that big an impact (I'm sure volcanoes belch it out at orders of magniture more volume).

Lead. What happens to the lead in the water? If the dumpers were smart (obviously they aren't!) they would have salvaged the lead and sold it. (Hey, people who hand load pistol cartridges as a hobby often scrounge for lead. If the dumpers had offered cheap lead, I think shooters would flock to do the work of removing it).

Plastic. A mess that will stay around forever but biologically inert.

I am, of course, in NO WAY saying that this kind of behaviour is acceptable by any stretch of the imagination. It's human garbage and we shouldn't just hide it away like it doesn't exist. All that stuff is recylable (I think). Could it be that when we bring our old batteries to the autostore or recycling centre...this is what happens to it?

Just wait until eco-friendly electric cars and hybrids become more popular. Will that mean even more battery dumping?


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