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Originally Posted by OrionN View Post
Or should I get a larger, changing and a smaller juvenile?
Narvachus and Regal are my two favorite larger angels.
They are my favorites as well.
With navachus I would either go with two juveniles or select a pair from adults. Though each approach has its risks.
With both species the sex of adults can be determined from the length and strength of the opercular thorn. The only difficulty with large angels is that they only fully mature fairly late in their lives. Just yesterday I read it might be at 10 years or older. So to be certain to pick correctly you would have to select from rather large specimens.
I've seen large and fully grown Maldives Regals in large numbers (25 to 50) at DeJong in the Netherlands and sexing them at that size is quite easy. But acclimating them and having them pair up is an entirely different story... I never tried because I never had a suitably sized tank for an adult pair.

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