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Originally Posted by Michael Hoaster View Post
Looks like you are on a path to success! Really nice planted tank, by the way.

I have a kind of similar story. I have a 180 that started out as a reef tank. I never did as well as I had hoped. Eventually, I broke it down and converted it to a fresh water planted tank. Armed with reef-capable lighting and CO2, I had a gorgeous planted tank. Then I got the idea to combine what I learned from BOTH sides of the hobby. Now I have a pretty cool marine planted tank with seagrasses and macro algae.

Good luck with your setup and welcome to RC!
Thank you Michael! You flip flopper you!:-P Over the years I've been pretty dead set against doing SW until I could get a better situation where heat wasn't a huge issue. It still is to a degree but is now manageable so I jumped in with both feet.

I'd like to eventually get some macro algae incorporated into my display tanks too. Growing out some red dragon in the fuge. If it does well it's a start!

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