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Originally Posted by MstgKillr View Post
Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it!

Yes, definitely going for a heavy fish load. I'm already at 0.42"/gallon and will definitely pass the 0.5"/gallon as the fish mature. I may even be closer to 0.7"/gallon when it's all done.

It looks like the new BK SuperMarin 160 RDX 24v is rated at 100-200 gallons and the Double Cone 180 rated at 75-132 gallons. So, wouldn't the new BK SM 160 be the better slightly bigger and more adaptable (on paper), but maybe unproven skimmer? Also, it appears the Double Cone 180 will not fit my skimmer compartment (15.5in x 11in).
The Double Cones are conservatively rated. The SM160 is a great little skimmer and frankly, you canít go wrong with either but the Double Cone 180 is under rated. It does have a larger neck volume which makes for a bit more capability in terms of foam it will handle and the cup is larger which allows for a bit more skimmate. I think Iíd go with the Double Cone 180 if it were me but the SM160 would work well too. Fleece filters are pretty efficient at removing solids and do a very good job reducing dissolved solids that skimmers would otherwise use to generate foam. As such, both skimmers would do the job.

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