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Originally Posted by MstgKillr View Post
It's official, the BK DC200 fits the skimmer compartment of the 900 3XL, with room to spare, and it's already pulling out a ton of nasties! I couldn't be happier!

I've owned several skimmers (Deltec, H&S, RO, etc..) and I already know, this is by far the best skimmer that I've owned. Totally worth every penny. The build quality is unbelievable, only upstaged by the excellent customer service @slief! Thank you for all the replies, emails, and phone calls... it made all the difference!

He is a picture two hours after dropping the brand new skimmer into the tank. I cannot wait to see what it does after it's actually broken in.
Donít you mean Double Cone 180? Very glad to help.

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