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Help me decide which kessil LED please!

So im just getting back into hobby after 8 years and i finally think i found a good light. Im setting up a 45g cube, 24x20x20. Will be doing mixed reef with some sps, was originally thinking t5, but after looking at the fixture i wanted (ati 6 bulb) and then considering bulb costs, cost to operate and bulb changes yearly, it would actually just be cheaper to buy an LED. Then i came across the kessil, i think after researching a bit the A360 is the best option for me. However i am confused on whether i should choose the W-E or the X model. Its my understanding that the W-E will have a wider throw throughout tank. I also like the fact that it is cheaper, i forget how much but it was at least $100. One thing i am concerned with in general with the A360 is light spill or bleed, i really dont want the room to be getting direct light just the tank, because it will be in a living room. Hoping an experienced kessil owner will help out a newbie! Thanks in advance

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