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Tank wobble - do I need to relocate the tank?

I have a JBJ 45 and the included stand. Iíve noticed that if I open the tank stand door somewhat quickly it wobbles a little bit. However, what really threw me into a panic, was watching my dog scratch an itch next to the tank and it wobble a little bit. Not enough that water will spill out, but enough that I noticed.

The tank is in an upstairs bedroom parallel to the joists next to a load bearing wall. House was built in 1993. Asked on here and reddit and received replies that others had kept the same size tank parallel to joists and set it up like that.

I will be purchasing a leveling device to check if the floor has sagged and a tank move is needed ASAP. If the floor is level, is this wobbling a sign I need to move the tank to another location perpendicular to the joists? Or is this to be expected from a stand thatís ~3 feet tall?

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