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Originally Posted by Michael Hoaster View Post
What billdogg said. If all corners are touching, then the wobble could be in the stand itself. In that case you'd want to check all the screws, bolts, etc. in the stand. It's possible you'll need some wood glue to help. Hopefully its just a shim thing.

Thank you, guys. The stand is a square and at the corners are small circular bumps that the tank rests on (pic provided of them - Iím not sure what theyíre called)

Iím thinking I may need to support these? Any advice for how to do so? What should I look for with the screws and bolts?

The tank doesnít wobble when I walk near it or even jump or bounce so I wonder if thatís it. I really hope so because moving it will be a major PIA, but much less than having 45 gallons of water spill in my [parentsí] house.

The floor is level still.

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