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[QUOTE=Michael Hoaster;25700585]Rainbow nems? Are they Condlylactis? I ask because I once saw a huge, rainbow colored anemone, while snorkeling in Tortolla. I think it was a Condylactis.

I was in a similar boat with my damsels. For several days I only saw 4 of the 5. Finally, this morning all five were swimming about. Whew!

I do not not think my nems are condy's. The friend who gave them to me said that they are rainbow bubble tips. They did have bubbly tips when I first got them but I think I feed too much for them to keep their bubble tips. They look and act a lot like rose bubble tip anemones.

Fish really are my 1st love when it comes to my reef tank so it makes sense for me to have as many as can safely keep. In some ways coral and macro algae are only an attractive environment to keep my fish in, although I did get bored with the limitation to the reef when I was keeping seahorses. So I am by no means a fish purist.

I know that the needs of the seagrass are your first priority but with careful selection I do not think that more fish would compromise your end game.
Dawn, looking at your tank makes me want more fish![/

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, ...and God sawthat it was good. Genesis 1:20 - 21

Current Tank Info: A 56 gallon high nutrient macro algae/coral reef that overflows into a basement 30 gallon seahorse macro algae fuge that overflows into a 20 gallon sump

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