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Originally Posted by Michael Hoaster View Post
Wow, lots happening! Gorgeous vids and pics! That's a beautiful community of colorful fish, in a vibrant setting. Loving your refugium too. It looks like a place in Nature. The grass looks good. With time, it will reproduce and spread widely.

Sorry to hear of your ruckus. Some disruption is to be expected with all the new additions. Maybe a temporary reefscape change would help reset territories. A rock here an macro there, might do the trick.
I am loving how lush and vibrant the refugium is. The seagrass is really going to be a wonderful addition when it multiplies and fills in the front middle of that tank. The red grape caulerpa has really taken off lately too which contribute a new texture.

You are right in that when 7 new fish are added to a small-ish display there is bound to be disruptions. I never expected the wrasse to be involved however. Maybe I should have because he has always seemed a bit high strung. I think it is the damsels who are weirding him out and I am afraid to try moving him back in with them, even with a rockscape change. If he is happy in the the fuge then I think I will let him reside there in peace.

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