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Re: Interested in about 200 pounds

Originally posted by lordofthereef
You must enjoy all of these requests, but here is mine...
Shipping to 50014 per pound?
Do you offer a discount for rock ordered in bulk? There are a group of reefers here who are all looking for some dry rock and we could probably easily bump that order up to 500+ pounds.
I am also looking for massive rocks, the bigger per single rock the better, fitting in an opening of 15" by 17" with a good mix of "shelf" and "pillar" type rocks to get some nice caves going.

Thanks in advance for you response!


shipping about .75 or less a pound....

Big rocks I have, really cool shapes.....I picked through 70,000 pounds for the best to ship for my 'dry' customers!

Sorry cannot do better on the price, is as good as it gets for this killer rock!

When ready fil out online order form with comments..

sea ya

Richard TBS

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