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I've been target feeding my lps and chalices more frequently lately. I make a mix of half a cube of calanus, squirt of oyster feast, and a powdered Hikari product called coral delight. I add some tank water to this and target with a turkey baster. This in combination with my new SB led bars has caused some red cyano algae and some brown algae on the sandbed and glass. I dosed some Chemiclean yesterday and took two hours off the photoperiod. Took the carbon bag out of the sump per directions from Chemiclean, and added a line with airstone to the sump to provide extra oxygenation per instructions. Will do a 10% water change tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Also had a surprise a couple of days ago. Somehow I had the brilliant idea of doing a quick water change right before I left for work, and after I siphoned a couple of gallons out. I heard a water trickle sound. Crap. Looked around, and then I see a really thin stream of water shooting five feet up in the air coming out of my sump!! #@!*#!!

I guess there is a hole in my return pump tubing, but didnt notice when its covered by water. When I siphoned some off, it shot up in the air! I dumped my fresh salt water in and that stopped the Geyser. Crazy.

Its always something.

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