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Fluke Tabs

When I first started the tank, I put in frags of green star polyp and xenia. Not really knowing any better, and not realizing that they could take over your tank.
The green star polyp completely took over the big arched rock in the center. After awhile, I realized that the green star polyp was sitting on the best sps real estate in the tank and I tried removing it manually. I've been doing this for about a year, and not really winning the battle. The xenia was also all over the place, but I felt that was actually helping with nutrient removal and its easier to remove manually. Then Eric "ReefWreak" on Reef Central wrote in his thread about using Fluke Tabs to eradicate Green Star Polyp. Eric had success, and he was kind enough to give me some of the left over Fluke Tab dust. I mixed a small amount of the Fluke Tab dust in with some tank water and poured it into the return pump areas. Over the next three days the GSP closed up and is hopefully gone forever. The xenia has also melted away, maybe 90%. I removed my carbon bag when I put the Fluke Tab in, then three days later I did 10% water change and put a fresh bag of carbon in the sump. I also changed my filter socks more frequently because there was some xenia debris getting sucked up. I believe Fluke Tab can be toxic to shrimp, but I don't have any shrimp. Overall its been super successfull fix for something I've been struggling with for a long time.

Thank You Eric!!!!


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