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Photobucket appears to have changed their larger image handling, or I haven't run into it before even though I have uploaded 1200 (and I believe 1600) pixel wide images before, though a year or two ago. Tonight I uploaded a 2500 wide image and when I use their IMG links, I get a 1024 back.

The site appears even less responsive and more ad laden than last time I was there.

While it sucks to lose images, it sounds as though you were relatively fortunate with the outcome of your ransomware experience. Thanks for sharing.

I hear your point about liking to view images on a screen larger than the 3" camera back. I shoot tethered / remotely most of the time and so am composing and focusing the shot on my laptop instead of the camera back. Using the 200% zoom I can set the focal plane exactly where I want it. And if I want to go completely wireless I activate the wifi in my 6D and can use laptop, tablet or phone.

The human desires for instant gratification and immediate problem resolution cannot be satisfied with this hobby.

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