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40B Build and BS Thread!

I am in the process of moving into my new place here in the Denver area. After being totally out of the hobby for 10 years, I've been looking at options for a reef tank in the new place. I decided to go the popular route of a 40 breeder with a 20L sump. Yes, I know, how original, right?

Since there are probably thousands of people out there with a 40B and 20L sump, I'm sure there is an insane amount of information available. I've seen a lot so far on these tanks. So far I just have the 40B and the 20L, just picked them up today at Petco with the $1/gallon sale. The 40 was actually $50 which is still a pretty good deal. The Petco guy helped me load them into my car, then I humped them up to my 3rd floor condo in Aurora. The 40 was about the most I could handle alone, but I got that sucker up the stairs without too much trouble. My day job is a route sales rep/delivery driver so I'm used to handling heavy-ish boxes.

The goal is for a mixed reef tank with an assortment of soft corals, LPS, and SPS. Possibly an anemone (BTA probably) although I would almost want a dedicated smaller tank for that. I would like some opinions on my equipment thoughts:

1. I'm thinking of going with the Eclipse M overflow and some kind of Loc-Line return.
2. Not sure which return pump to get. Best one for a 40?
3. Not sure on the stand yet. Maybe the Imagitarium Brooklyn 40 stand, listed at $64 on Amazon? Or build one maybe? I'm not experienced at woodworking.
4. For the sump setup, I'm thinking of something like the Oceanbox Reef Reactive Sump Kit:
5. Skimmer, thinking maybe Reef Octopus Classic 110SSS. Or is there a better one in its class for the money?
6. For lighting, my thought for a 40 would be a Reef Breeders Photon 32 V2+. This is $590 at BRS.

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