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Hi All,

I'm looking to find out more about this fish. Anyone have any direct experience or web links to share?

So far, this is the most detailed info I have found.


Hover Gobies (Genus Amblygobius)

These small fish (4.5-12 cm in length) are generally found over sand areas but some species also occur on hard bottoms. There are at least nine species in this genus, but the species most often encountered in the aquarium trade are
  • Hector's Hover goby, Amblygobius hectori (Smith, 1956),
  • Phalaena's Hover goby, A. phalaena (Valenciennes, 1837) and
  • Rainford's Hover goby, A. rainfordi (Whitley, 1940).

All three species spend a great deal of time hovering close to the bottom, constantly picking at the substrate and spitting
out quantities of sand and detritus. Amblygobius phalaena and A. hectori use the burrow of a shrimp or another fish in the
substrate or under rocks while A. rainfordi does not use a burrow and is often observed swimming over coral growth.

In the wild, Phalaena's Hover goby is observed singly and in pairs, and often shares a burrow with Sleeper gobies or juvenile surgeonfish (Paulson 1978; S. Michael, personal observation).

Thanks - John

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