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Feeding has always been a problem with these guys as they do not take well to prepared foods. They are also extremely cautious and need a tank with lots of hiding. They sift sand and dig out burrows under rocks when adapted to tank life and like any sand sifting goby expell lots of energy so therefore need lots of food to not grow continuously thinner and thinner. As with any other wild animal they usually do have internal parasites that live in the digestive tract and this will increase the rate of thinning if the fish is not dewormed.

Recently there have been tank reared rainford's available to stores from C-Quest in PR. The fry just out of larval stage are collected from the ocean when their survival rate is very slim. C-Quest then grows them out at their facility on crumbles, and flake food. They adapt well to fresh frozen food and are not flighty like the wild ones. I would suggest calling around in your area and finding someone who is bringing these in. Lately the ones they have been shipping are in full adult size and the retail price should be no more than $25-$30 dollars.

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