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I have two A. ranfordi in my 225 gal. reef now for 6+ months. Got them MO from Inland Aquatics. They appear to be a pair but info. I have seen says sexing is near impossible without microscopic exam. These two are great "very top layer" sand sifters. They nip very small mouthfuls of sand and sift it constantly just above the sand bed. They have grown about 25% in this time. The larger one is out always when lights are on. The smaller one has created a small burrow which it stays in about half of the lights on time. I have had no problem with sand bed destruction or rock undermining from these two. I have lots of fish in this tank including 3 very bada** blue damsels and these two have put up with a lot of harassment. Pretty much hold their own by being quicker and smarter than the damsels. Great fish. HTH.

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