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Wow, lots of questions!

MrSandman, glad I could be of help. If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask (email is good too).

moviegeek, the total height of the hood off the top of the plastic tank lip is the height of a 1x10 or 9.25". The total height including the part that overlaps down over the sides and front is 11". With the height of the Spiderlights (which hold the bulbs pretty far away from the top of the hood), the bulbs are about 6" off the water. The total height from the inside top of the hood to the water surface is about 10".

olgakurt, my temperature is exactly the same as it was with VHO right now (~80). It has been cooler here though, so I wouldn't expect it to be too hot. The big test will be next summer. I will say though, that since the heat is coming from just 2 points rather than 4 4' tubes, I don't think it will be a problem. I think if you were to spread out the heat from MH to an area the size of VHO, there would be little difference in temp. It just seems hotter because there are 2 really hot spots.

smiller, it's a standard AGA 75 gallon.


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