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1) How will you replace the Actinics when it is time to replace them. It looks like they feet just right over the canopy and not much room to allow removal.

The covers on the VHO endcaps that slide over the bulbs unscrew to allow the bulbs to rotate and drop right out of the endcaps so changing bulbs will be very easy. That being said, I don't anticipate changing the actinics often. Since they provide such a small amount of light compared to the MHs, they are really only for aesthetics and I will therefore replace them based on how the tank looks rather than age. I figure I'll let them go a couple years unless the tank becomes at all noticeably less blue because they are fading.

2) Awesome shot of the tank. Can we see a picture of the tank with just the MH lights on so we can see how much a difference look the actinics provide?

I just took these shots tonight:
Here's a shot with the Iwasakis only:

Here's a shot with the Iwasakis + VHO actinics:

I think the actinics help a lot. Without them, the Iwasakis are too yellow. With them, the tank looks bright and white and I really like the color.


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