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Wow that looks nice what size tank is it...Well I final;ly called graybar today they tried to charge me $76 a piece for the $23 ballasts..the guy said he'd have to call advance and he would call me back..never did waht a jerk i will call back again tommorow at my lunch break how you guys get them for $23 when they told you $76 i told them they were only supposed to be $23 and thats when he said he would have to call advance he did say that I didn't need an account they can just put it under misc.. contractor.. so thats good...Dan

I really want these ballasts they would be great since I am going from a 46 gallon bowfront to a 90gallon tank!!!I really will need the extra light for my corals now...

25g rimless cube in the works

Current Tank Info: 60g cube
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