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Well, unfortunately Graybar was no help here. They insisted that I open an account. I was in the process of trying to find the parts elsewhere(did find it for a lot more money), when someone pointed me to If you go to their pfo metal halide kits, you'll notice that they have several that are "iwasaki only"(think I might have posted something on this earlier). They are MV ballast kits. Good prices. The 250 watt kit, for example, is $109.00, and includes everything but the bulb and reflector. Maybe not quite the deal BJmumy got going DIY but pretty close. Unfortunately it would probably cost me more than the pre-fab kit to go DIY with the parts prices I have available to me.

This was a very nice looking DIY project....I love the color of the Iwasaki's on the MV ballast.


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