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Originally Posted by ken6217 View Post
Hi Bernie,

It's only 24 hours and so I will give it more time. I will say though that I like both better than needle wheel skimmers. You get a much dryer foam head if you want.

It would make sense though that the MTC skimmer is going to do a better job. They both have mazzei venturis but the MTC has two instead if one, it is 18" taller (more contact time), and it is recirculating.

The fairer fight will be the one venturi skimmer they are making for me. It will be 36" though instead of 30", but will be recirculating.
Thanks Ken for your reply. I agree the single venturi MTC would be a fairer comparison. I find it interesting that with all the "rave" of pinwheel skimmers(bubble king) especially , that the "Good O'l" tried and true technology (venturi) is superior using the tall counter current method...very intersting indeed EH !!!

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