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Originally Posted by hvacman250 View Post
I have a few questions and comments, and please don't take some of them as an attack. I am trying to learn and critique...
None Taken

Originally Posted by hvacman250 View Post
1. Why is the area underneath your scrubber so filthy? The pump area and tank are free of algae, but the scrubber area looks like a cess pool. Is this from algae breaking off? Is this normal?
That algae grows from the extra light into the sump, I have never once cleaned the sump of the tank, I feel that it (the algae) helps breed pods, mysis and other critters, they live well and undisturbed.

Originally Posted by hvacman250 View Post
2. You write-up was awesome, but I think your price is a little misleading. I started my ATS 2 days ago. By the time I bought 2 26 W CFLs, 2 reflectors, a timer, PVC fittings, PVC pipe, tubing, screen, and a MaxiJet 1200, my total was between $75-80.
Price can very, I got my lights for $6 dollars each, your screen price is accurate, and PVC is cheap, I got a 10 footer for my tank for $10 at homedepot. Still using it up from when I pumped the tank... I should add that I added two additional drop lights a couple of weeks back for some each growth, one on each side.

Originally Posted by hvacman250 View Post
3. You might want to be more specific about the "canvas". I got mine at Hobby Lobby. It came in different sizes. I bought a 10.5"x13.5" piece for $0.49.
Its plastic canvas that can be purchased at most hobby stores, like Joanne's and Michael's. I its used for knitting, it looks like a plastic mesh screen.

Originally Posted by hvacman250 View Post
Again, I applaud your contributions to the forum. Please dont take my comments as a slam!
No slam, thanks. I hope we can clarify things for people

Originally Posted by hvacman250 View Post
I started mine 2 days ago and have ZERO green on my screen. By the rules, I should be fine, but please critique mine in case I missed something:

40 BR, ATS lit on ONE side, so I did 8" W x 12" long = 96 square inches
2 26W CFLs in a dome reflector, 4-5" from surface = 52 W
Powered by a MaxiJet 1200 = 296 GPH
Pump non-stop, light 18 hrs on, 6 off.
Reads right, lets see some pictures of the setup as well as a whole tank shot for reference later on... thanks!! Welcome to the wonderful world of ATS!

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