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Vermetid Snail ELIMINATION - In tank Treatments

What this thread IS:
A discussion about testing various reef safe (stocked sps tank) chemical treatment methods for eliminating vermetid snails.

What this thread IS NOT:
A discussion about whether these are harmful or not.

A discussion about which fish/snail/crab eats these or not. (Nothing has been found to be reliable)

A discussion about manual removal, superglueing, aptasia lasers, epoxy, nuking rock work, kalk paste injection (did I get them all?) methods. These are not a permanent solutions. And not feasible for a lot of people.

There are other threads out there geared towards the above, please use those to discuss what this thread is not meant to address. If you post any of the above, you will be politely jeared, made fun of, scolded, berated, publicly humiliated and shunned...kidding of course, but please lets stay on topic!

Now that we have that straight, here is the setup.

A 10 gallon tank with an aquaclear filter, a sponge, some ceramic media. A piece of live rock from my display with vermetid snails attached (the small plague like variety). A heater, a powerhead and an incandescent light (mostly for inspection).

And the plan:
To find a chemical treatment method that has already been proven to be reef safe. If snails have to be removed to save them, that is acceptable, what I don't want is something where fish and coral have to be taken out. If there is a solution where that has to be done, but the chemicals can be easily removed after, then that can be a last resort discussion. I don't want to nuke the tank. Ive spent 1.5 years and the tank is finally getting stable, if I cant get rid of these things, then I will live with them. Also, many people have thriving huge tanks with sps reefs with lots of fish, and I want to find a solution that works as well for them as it does for someone that has a 20 gallon long with a few fish and coral (If one exists).

I plan to test and have already started a few:

Sentinel Spectrum
Prazipro at stronger then normal doses

If you know of something that is generally reef safe, but harmful to snails, that would be helpful. If you have any other ideas of things you think could work, even if they haven't in the past at whatever dosage you tried, please post them and the dosage. I will try them at higher doses if possible.

Thanks for joining me, hopefully we are successful!

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