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Originally Posted by Kayvon View Post
I've tried Prazipro at higher than recommended doses (can't remember the exact amount). It doesn't work I'm afraid. I remember it eliminated the slime trails for a while, so it might have caused them to retreat temporarily.

Thanks for your input. I also tried prazipro. I added it a couple of days ago at about 4x reocommended dose. There is also praziquantel in the sentinel spectrum, so the dose is even higher. Didnt notice a reduction in webs, but there is not a lot of suspended detritus in the test tank, so I dont notice them anyway. Maybe prolonged exposure to prazipro if it has an effect on their feeding could be a solution to evaluate.

I'm out of town for the next few days and havent done any wc's or added any carbon. So the meds are still floating around in the test tank. We will see what things look like when I return.

Anyone know any treatments for other pests that are not considered snail safe?

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