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Well it's been about a year exactly since I restarted this tank.....

It has been great and running smoothly with everything being automated all I do is feed the fish and check alk once a week. Fill ATO reservoir every 2 weeks and do a WC maybe 1 time a month.

Everything has been doing really good and growing well.. I have given friends frags and tank is still overly full haha. I have Jaw Breakers hiding through out the tank in the rock work and randomly behind stuff.

Fish are good. Unfortunately lost my leopard wrasse randomly but replaced him with a easy to care for small six line who is awesome as well for such a cheap fish.

Not really sure what else I can do with such a small tank but things are really starting to touch a little too much so might need to start re working it again.......


Current Tank Info: 25G cube (finally back in the hobby in a small way)
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