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OK so these are just on highest settings, 1st 3 are mixed, next is blue and finally white

this is my 75 gallon and it is mounted as high as it can go

so as i mentioned, there are 3 channels, white and blue. and last one is you can mix the two

white and blue have 6 levels of intensity so you can customize a bit.

unit overall is very sleek, heavy well made. my son is holding it up on all the pictures because i have serious flow on my 75 through the sump which raises the water level above the trim. next series of photos will be on my 60 gallon sump which is only half full, you'll see that it sits right where the trim ends.

buttons to control the light are heat sensitive i guess, you just put your finger on the button and it changes the setting.

to turn off the light, you hold your finger on the M button for a few seconds. if you unplug the light or run it on a timer, it will turn on exactly where you left it when you plug it back in

there is no instant night mode, i mean you can just do blue lights at their lowest but you'd have to manually change it everyday

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