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that last post is over my chaeto, which btw i dont think this light has good spectrum for chaeto. i normally use a 38 par "daylight" floodlight from home depot

so you see here that the hardware extends into the tank just where the trim is, so if your water is too high there could be an issue.

my fix in this situation would be to wrap any hardware that can potentially be submerged in plastic like those thick bags you buy fish in.

also this light is probably way too big for the fluval flex, likely i will buy the smaller 50 watt, and 2 more of these for my 150 gallon for 3 total.

however the fluval flex will be here tomorrow and i will mount this one on it to just verify.

i planned on using the fluval flex for my clownfish and as a frag tank, but one of my new yellow tangs isnt doing well with the other fish so he will be in there by himself until i find a better solution.

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