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yeah it got here. I have my clowns in there now. it's definitely a beautiful tank for the price. you can see I have a wavemaker mj900 (it's off) and a homemade skimmer. both are coming out, I just didn't want to stress the fish more coming out of my 75. the first chamber on the left is empty. I'm probably going to either close off the bottom or just get filter floss behind the two main openings. the center chamber I have filled with a bag of seachem matrix, really the whole chamber is filled with that. later I'll remove some and have carbon, gfo and purigen all in seperate bags. finally I'm changing out the stock pump, it's pretty weak so I'm getting the jebao dcp2500. DC controllable pump. I have my heater in the return changer as well. not the best place for it maybe. I know in my sump I lose all the water in my return changer for evaporation. you can see I threw in some egg crate for frags but idk, I might buy an acrylic rack I saw on Marine Depot, like 50 frags or just get some PVC legs . and definitely buying a few magnetic frag holders though.
I haven't put in the new light yet. I'm convinced 100 watts is going to be too much and I'm also a bit upset that putting in a new light means losing the great cover. I have 3 open tanks and way too much condensation around my windows and in my closets. I'm going to think about adding led strips to the existing cover however they have to be waterproof otherwise I'm stuck with another open tank.

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