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Originally Posted by SaltyNovice View Post
Thinking of getting back in on a smaller scale - really nice tank. I'm afraid threads like this will addict me again... lol....
Haha right!

Yea to be honest Ive had large tanks and this would be my smallest tank ever and I really love the AIO set up! Learning what works over the years and how to incorporate it into this small tank has made it super simple to manage.

I literally just feed the fish daily, add ATO water as needed which is usually once every 2 weeks, clean skimmer and carbon chamber every 2 weeks and do a water change rarely.

Everything else is pretty much automated from dosing to light schedule so no real need to mess with the tank much.

Only issue is you run out of coral real estate fast!


Current Tank Info: 25G cube (finally back in the hobby in a small way)
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