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Originally Posted by Twinfallz View Post
Bump,,, anyone here been using this product longer term?

Anything good/bad worth reporting?

Sadly there's not much more information about Aquaforest Life Source. I did use it a couple of times, but too little to see any difference.

However, I just had to do a complete restart due to majano infestation of plague-like proportions. Had to displace fish with my LFS, clean and frag all coral to make sure no majanos left and placed them also with my LFS.

I cleaned everything with bleach and acid, replaced all the tubing and just restarted yesterday with a normal cycle. I started with dry rock and will be adding Life Source 2x weekly to see if it really adds to biodiversity.

I hope to give a definite answer on does Life Source contain any microorganisms. Still, this won't mean a lot as for its other possible benefits, but we'll know at least something for sure (at least I hope so).

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